Explore The Hidden Charm Of Moc Chau During Tet

February 01, 2016  |  Saffron Travel


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Moc Chau is around 200 km west of Hanoi and at a latitude of over 1000 meters, the surrounding landscape is in bloom throughout the year. However, spring (from January to March) is the best time to witness the stunning beauty of the Moc Chau Plateau as its mountain slopes are covered in beautiful, blossoming peach flowers. The buds create an elegant and fragile beauty across the plateau. Moc Chau is also home to many ethnic minorities, including Green Hmong, Dzao, Thai and Muong. At this time these communities wear colourful clothes and take part in many activities like dancing with trumpets, whistles, and other traditional games.... 
Don’t be surprised if you receive eager invitations to visit people’s homes during this time, as many believe the more visitors, the wealthier they will become in the New Year.
Saffron Travel offers cultural and photographic tours to Moc Chau during Vietnamese Lunar New Year, which will ensure you capture the best shots of this special season.Moc Chau also produces Vietnam’s best tea and exploring the green tea plantations is a great way to experience this unique part of the country. 

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